Having lived in the South for most of my life, I’m used to heat.  20 years in Texas and you kind of learn to live with it.  However, the heat I’ve experienced for most of my life has included moisture, also known as humidity!  There is none of that here in Arizona.  We left the coolness of the high elevation in Silver City and were immediately thrown into the dry, oppressive desert heat in Benson, our first stop.  We also gained an hour since Arizona doesn’t observe daylight savings time.

We spent two nights at Kartchner Caverns State Park.  Kartchner Caverns was voted best cave by USA Today.  We were slightly underwhelmed having just visited Carlsbad Caverns, though.  No pics in the cave!

Other than the caves, the area is also known for Tombstone.  We made the obligatory trip and it was everything we expected!


Of course, we went hiking!


After Kartchner, we moved on to Tucson.  Our time in Tucson was spent getting our car serviced, shopping for hiking gear, and eating!  We indulged in some great sushi and local Mexican food.

There were a plethora of citrus trees at the campground we were staying at so we enjoyed fresh grapefruit and lemons.


No visit to Tucson is complete without a visit to Saguaro National Park.  Adele proclaimed “that’s a big ass cactus!” upon seeing the saguaro.  She would be correct on that point!  Saguaro can grow up to 60 feet!


Adele enjoyed egg decorating and an Easter egg hunt, sponsored by the KOA.  Since we’re limited on space, Adele decorated her Easter bag this year.

After Tucson, we drove 40 minutes north to Catalina State Park.  For a change, we took an evening hike.  The desert is beautiful near sunset.


The rest of this week is being spent in the Scottsdale area then on to Sedona.  I’m hoping we’ll reach cooler weather soon!