Adventures in Zimmylandia

Follow the Three Zimmigos as we travel the US and Canada in our Airstream!


Welcome to our blog!  We’re a family of three originally from Dallas, Texas.  We retired, downsized, and relocated to Florida.  Before we settle down for good, we decided to take an epic road trip through the US and Canada.  We downsized some more and bought an Airstream.  Many of our friends were interested in our journey, so we created this blog.  Hope you enjoy it!

10 thoughts on “People

  1. Hello there, looks like y’all are on a fun vacation. Is your trailer a 25, 27, 28, or 30 foot trailer. I would really like to do a similar trip. Drive safe, and have fun. I plan on watching your trip.
    Uncle Paul

    1. Hi Paul, the trailer is a 27 ft Flying Cloud front bedroom. You should go for it and join us! Wayne says he’s going to get one, too! lol…

  2. The satellite image indicates that you are in the desert just north of Scottsdale.
    It, the image, is interesting. There doesn’t seem to be a large gathering of campers.
    You are on a new world tour. Wishing you the best.

  3. I like the Garmin. The gang is just north of Vancouver. I think you will enjoy Victoria. It’s a nice place
    Happy Fourth

  4. It is always good to see all of you. Vegas was nice. Of course, you’re back in the Dallas area, Grapevine to be specific, so some short visits are in order.

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