This post is for those who are interested in the inside of our Airstream, but won’t be able to see it person.  We have a 27′ Front Bedroom (FB) Twin, which means the bedroom is in the front of the trailer (near the hitch) and the living area and entry is at the back.  Both the front and back have panoramic windows which allow for great views from inside.  Most of the windows are screened and open up to maximize air flow.  Since you back into most campsites, you get the best view out of the back, which is our living area.  Step inside for a quick tour…

20170311_142603Two small steps and you’re in the trailer.  The two little windows on the left are for miscellaneous storage.  There is a small space on the floor for Adele’s many pairs of shoes.

Welcome to our living area.  The kitchen is on the left.  The dining booth is at the back.  The table folds down to create sleeping for two or a lounge area for watching TV.  The couch also pulls out to create sleeping for two; or for me when I need some time to myself.

THE KITCHEN20170311_142358
Here is a better picture of the kitchen where Kimberly’s magic happens for dinner and mine for breakfast.  There’s a decent sized circular sink for dishes and a three burner gas stove and convection oven/microwave.  The trailer usually comes with a gas oven and a microwave.  However, the microwave takes up precious pantry space and we don’t bake much so we opted for the convection microwave.  It’s small, but it’s surprising how little space is really necessary to cook an awesome meal.

THE BATHROOM20170311_142342
Here is the bathroom.  The sink and toilet are in the same space.  The shower is across the hall.  There are accordion doors on both sides of the bathroom/shower space for privacy.  The trailer holds approximately 40 gallons of grey water (shower/sink) and 40 gallons of black water (toilet).  We have to empty the black tank about once a week and the grey tank the same, unless I’m taking Hollywood showers regularly; then it’s daily.

20170311_142309We opted for the twin beds knowing we would sleep better if we had our own beds.  The mattresses are a little funky since they are curved at the top.  We added two inch memory foam toppers to make them more comfortable to sleep on.

“…but where does Adele sleep?”, you may ask.  The answer is between us.  I pull out two plywood boards from under the bed to the right, place them across the twin beds, then put Adele’s crib mattress between them.   Voila, it’s bedtime!